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Suddenly - Everything In Spanish

I value SiteAdvisor, but suddenly my Spanish is being taxed to its limit. WHy the sudden switch in languages (certainly not by me!), and how to return?.

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Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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RE: Suddenly - Everything In Spanish

Assuming that US English is your PC language setting I have no idea why SiteAdvisor would suddenly decide it's Spanish. Make sure that nothing has changed those settings.
This would happen if you'd downloaded it from a non-US server perhaps.

Check for spyware with any of the free tools here:

Try uninstalling and reinstalling as per the sticky at the top of this section:
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Reinstalled - Now Bilingual!

Thanks for the support Ex Brit! I uninstalled and reinstalled SiteAdvisor. It is still Spanish, but now with English sprinkled throughout (like SiteAdvisor is confused when building the page text).

I have a Benq wireless SPANISH keyboard (yeah - wasn't looking when I bought it, but works perfectly well). I suspect SiteAdvisor is getting confused between the keyboard and the US-based provider (?). The keyboard is set to ES, but the system language is English.

I'll just live with it.
Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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RE: Reinstalled - Now Bilingual!

Are you sure that keyboard hasn't a hidden setting somewhere, or a key combo, that switches languages?
Also check the following...I am using Vista but the settings are almost the same in XP. (not sure what you have)
Double-check Control Panel > Region and Language Settings > Keyboards etc. > Change Keyboards and other input methods > Change keyboards > Advanced key settings > Change key sequence > set that at None so no key combo will alter language settings.

I think you are right - something somewhere is fooling SiteAdvisor.

By this logic, my brand new Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard is made in China, so does that mean I can expect an unpleasant surprise at some stage...I hope not!!

I'll ask to see if anyone can think of a reason for this if nothing above helps. Let me know.