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I've just installed McAfee SiteAdvisor, and it downloaded itself in spanish 😕 I see no option to change language in the toolbar, nor to dowload in a different language (just changing the site language doesn't work, and downloads in spanish too), so is there any way some one could give me the link to the english download? Mine downloaded from

Thanks in advance..
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RE: SiteAdvisor language

You probably downloaded it from your Argentinian account...?

If you want applications in English then you would have to download from either the UK, Canada or the US from this link: Worldwide McAfee Download Links or SiteAdvisor Website. Use the Customize option when asked which elements you wish to install if you use your account download.

You will have to uninstall it first, however. Go to your Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (Programs/Uninstall a Program in Vista) and click either McAfee SiteAdvisor or, if it isn't listed separately, McAfee Security Center and then select SiteAdvisor for removal.

Downloads normally select your PC language automatically so if you have any further issues you should perhaps contact Customer Service, linked at the top of the page, via Chat, or via the link in my signature.