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SiteAdvisor, here we go again !

Today I received an unrequested, apparently automatic, update of the SiteAdvisor.

Twice ! (, IE 7)

Right now I have saservice TWICE in the program authorizations of the firewall (Virusscan Plus 2008) ! I did receive two informational alerts today, each separated by a few hours.

One saservice.exe 6253
The other saservice.exe: 6261 of this one the date 5 December 2009 is given !

It doesn't seem right. Is there anything I should do ?
Or anything that the SiteAdvisor team should do ?
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Reliable Contributor exbrit
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RE: SiteAdvisor, here we go again !

It just means that the firewall gave permission twice, nothing to worry about. There is probably a glitch when it comes to that date, I wouldn't concern yourself. Maybe that's the expiry date?