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SiteAdvisor conflict with Firefox SwitchProxy Tool

Hi folks,

Gopha here with a bit of a bug report.

I'm using Firefox - along with the very useful SwitchProxy Tool (v1.4) - which allows me to switch between proxies in Firefox without needing to mess about with settings etc.

There appears to be something of a conflict between SiteAdvisor and the SwitchProxy tool that has been reported on the Mozilla site here:

When SiteAdvisor is enabled, the SwitchProxy functionality is impaired. Apparently, the fix is to disable SiteAdvisor, which is a tad disappointing.

Would there be any plans to sort out SiteAdvisor to be compatible with this Mozilla plugin? I'm also reporting this back to the plugin's author to see if he can sort it out from his side and/or troubleshoot in-concert.

With kind regards,
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