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SiteAdvisor button stays gray and no websites rated when using userprofiles

I installed SiteAdvisor v2.5.0.6172 onto a brand new clean Windows XP/SP2 box, applied with all recommened updated and security patches.
I'm using IE7 and initially, SiteAdvisor works fine.

Next I create two extra users, both with "admin" privileges, and each their own userprofile taken from the default userprofile, automatically created on their first login.

When I log in as the second newly created user, and start IE7, the SiteAdvisor button works for a couple of minutes and lights up green. Shortly thereafter it shifts to gray; left/right clicking on the arrow in the button, which should bring op the contextmenu, does nothing. Obviously, browsing websites in IE7 does not show the red/green website ratings anymore.
As soon as this happens, SiteAdvisor has stopped working in the other user accounts as well. When I logoff and log in as a nother user, the SiteAdvisor button is gray and does not respond to clicks.

I tried to uninstall SiteAdvisor as outlined in several posts here, making sure to delete any stale folders in the userprofile in C:\Documents and Settings\. I also deleted references in the registry and rebooted to clear them from memory. I also ran the mcpr tool. I repeated this procedure several times.

I added the appr. rules for SiteAdv.exe and SAService to the firewall, to prevent blocking of traffic.

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