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SiteAdvisor Mouse-over Popups

Is there a way to disable SiteAdvisor's mouse-over site alert summary balloon that pops up everytime you mouse-over the alert marks at the end of each site listed while browsing?

I have this bad habit of using my mouse to follow what I'm reading and I keep triggering the popups. I still want to see the alert MARKS, but I don't want to see the popup balloons unless I choose to by clicking on the marks themselves.

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RE: SiteAdvisor Mouse-over Popups

Dear Madison,

We received your message asking whether there's any way of disabling SiteAdvisor's mouse-over site alert summary balloon (= SiteAdvisor Toolbar balloon). Thank you for contacting us.

As of now, this is not an option. The user cannot disable this feature. On hovering the mouse over the SiteAdvisor toolbar, the Toolbar balloon (= mouse-over site alert summary balloon) will be displayed. Also, please do note that when you visit a Red site, the toolbar balloon will be automatically displayed for a couple of seconds. You can choose to explicitly display the balloon by clicking on the SiteAdvisor toolbar dropdown menu and selecting 'Show Balloon' option.

Clicking on the toolbar (in IE) would redirect to the Site Report page of the site that you were visiting. For e.g., if you were visiting, then clicking on the toolbar would spawn a new IE window and redirect to SiteAdvisor's Site Report page of

We appreciate your suggestion and will definitely consider your feature request and get back to you if we decide on implementing this in our future releases. Please share other suggestions/ideas for SiteAdvisor as it helps make our product better. Thank you for being a McAfee customer.

Praveen Rajaretnam
Associate Software QA Engineer
McAfee SiteAdvisor Consumer QA