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Site ratings not visible anymore in Google search using Firefox

Site ratings are no longer visible in Google search results using Firefox. I'm referring to the in page SiteAdvisor search result ratings.

On the same machine:
Firefox, Yahoo, site ratings work
Firefox, Windows Live, site ratings work
IE7, Google, site ratings work
IE7, Yahoo, site ratings work
IE7, Windows Live, site ratings work

The tool bar displays correctly in both browsers, the add on is obviously enabled. This was working up to a day or two ago. For some reason, the combo of Firefox and Google suddenly quit.

I have un-installed, and re-installed SiteAdvisor 3 times, with reboots, with antivirus access protection rules disabled, w/o success. Any ideas?

Windows XP SP3
Firefox 3.0.8
SiteAdvisor 2.9
Google search/site ratings only
Home product/not Enterprise
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RE: Site ratings not visible anymore in Google search using Firefox

I am having the exact same problem. There are no SiteAdvisor icons next to the search results in Google when using Firefox. Everything reported above as to what works and what doesn't is true for me as well. It is ONLY happening with Google in Firefox.

This is occurring on both my computer (Vista) and my husband's computer (XP). I'm thinking the problem may have begun after a recent McAfee automatic update that required a computer restart.

I haven't attempted any possible fixes. I thought I'd check here first, and it looks like nothing I would have tried worked. I'm hoping someone can help. Is there any way (other than this) of reporting the problem to McAfee so that perhaps they can fix the problem for us in a future update?

I'm curious as to why there are not more responses here, too. Since BOTH my computer and my husband's computer on different versions of Windows are affected, it would seem that this problem should be rather widespread.

I'm having the same problem

Thought I'd add my two cents. On April 23, 2009, I posted the following on Mozilla's Firefox forum: "Until a few days ago, the rating icons appeared beside each Google search result, and now they don't. I am using Firefox 3.0.9 with McAfee SiteAdvisor extension 2.9. I'm running Windows XP SP2. Any help getting back the icons would be greatly appreciated." I've not had any replies.

Today I again did a Google search about this problem and found this thread. I also found a thread on the Mozilla Firefox (Netherlands) forum from someone experiencing the same problem.

When I first encountered the problem, I took the same steps as XMason386 and got the same (negative) results. Like Joolz77, I, too, am curious about why there have not been more posts about this. Solutions would be nice, too.
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Me too! Does anyone have solution?
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RE: Replies?

There have been several reports over the past months of this happening and it appears to be intermittent and possible something to with something on the Google website.

Give it time and hopefully they will return.