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Site Black Listed by McAfee - Please assist...

our website has been falsly blacklisted by McAfee. Can someone please help us so that we can get this off the black list. We have scanned every detail of the website, malware, virus scan, etc and everything looks and worked fine. We have had no issues with any other scanners (malware, virus, etc) other than McAfee. Below are some screen shots for reference. The website name is


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You so much.


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Re: Site Black Listed by McAfee - Please assist...


We have updated your URL for review and raised the ticket (ID #1919721). These requests will be reviewed and updated within an average of 3-5 business days. We will keep you updated.


Re: Site Black Listed by McAfee - Please assist...


Seems the URL has been reviewed and reputation changed to "Minimal Risk". Please check and update us. McAfee WebAdvisor shows that your website is safe to browse. If you still see any issues, please do check with sucuri.



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