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Same as green juice below

- my Internet provider spent 2 hours trying to fix connection-

Ihave been hearing it could be a download problem!?

  I got a new router and my Internet  guy came out and fixed my computer - all other devices and

My computer connects. But my husband's will NOT!

Even when directly plugged into router (LAN) not wireless-

His computer is receiving signal but not able to "send "

Any suggestions - cannot delete mcafee or reload it cause

It is blocked from browsing !!! HELP!

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Re: Same as green juice below

If this started over the weekend it's the by-now-well-known faulty DAT release that's doing it. The easiest way to get back online is to use System Restore to go back a few days (and undo the results of the glitch). Failing that, if you uninstall McAfee you will be able to go back online; download and run MCPR, and then re-install. Although if you get the faulty DAT back again you're back where you started.

There will be a fix out just as soon as the development teams can get it organised. I hope it's soon, and so do a lot of other people.

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Re: Same as green juice below

Read here: or here:

The faulty DAT has been withdrawn so no chance of getting the bad one back.

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