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SA not showing in Google search.


Firefox, Site Advisor is showing in the progress bar down at the bottom but is not showing anything in Google search as it always had. Have tried to reinstall both Firefox and SA but of no avail.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you.
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RE: SA not showing in Google search.


We received your message reporting no annotations ( = site advisor ratings) on the google search results page on FF. Thank you for contacting us.

We would need some more information before we could help you out. Please answer the following questions:-

1. Could you please specify the version of SiteAdvisor you are using. To find this,
(i) Click on the black arrow mark in the SiteAdvisor toolbar
(ii) A drop-down menu would appear. On this menu, click on the "About" option
(iii) In the 'About' dialog box, just above the 'OK' button, 'Version' would be displayed. (e.g.,

2. Could you please specify the google domain on which you performed the search. For example was it on or (- Google Canada). It might be possible that in on of the localised search engines that the annotations ( = site advisor ratings) are not displayed. We do annonate on most of these localized search engines. But, it is possible that on some of these search engines annotations are not displayed. In that case, this is a bug and we will fix it.

3. Were you able to consistently reproduce this issue on your machine? Were annotations ( = site advisor ratings) displayed on other search engines like Yahoo! search (, MSN (, Live( and

4. Do you have any other toolbars installed on your machine? For e.g., Google toolbar, Yahoo! toolbar etc. Did you perform the search from Google toolbar or from the google search page?

5. Please specify the Operating System (OS) you are using. Please mention the service pack as well.
(For e.g., Vista 32 Home Basic SP1 or Windows XP Home SP2). This helps QA to try and reproduce the same and narrow down the problem.

Once you give us the information requested above, we'll get back to you immediately with a solution if possible. Thank you for being a McAfee customer.

Praveen Rajaretnam
Associate Software QA Engineer
McAfee SiteAdvisor Consumer QA