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SA Connects For Current Session Only

Windows XP SP2 (2 Users)\FF vers.\SA free version 26.5

SA works fine for User #1 in both IE (ver. 6) and FF. No problems at any time.
SA works fine for User #2 in IE (ver. 6) but in FF SA is lost when closing the browser. Reopen to a new session and SA has disappeared. Closing by X box or Exit through File menu makes no difference.

New Dell PC. No previous installation of FF.

Disabled add-ons and tried themes other than the default FF theme to no avail. Both Users have Admin privileges. It seems if I disable and re-enable via the small down arrow next to the SA window, SA will connect through several FF sessions as long as I do not switch to another User. If I do switch to User #1 and come back to FF as User #2, SA has again disappeared. However when doing the enable\re-enable through the FF Tools\Add-ons the loss is immediate without the need to switch User. Close\reopen FF and SA is gone.

~ Simenon
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