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Re: Siteadvisor problems

I too have been using McAfee problems before and recently ran into a security risk warning for one of my sites called and  I took the liberty to run several virus and root kit scans to see if anything came up.  My sites and server came back SUPER CLEAN.  I even ran tools from Google ( and those too can back SUPER CLEAN.

My next step was to try and contact McAfee support via email, phone, and their form to reevaluate the sites.  I spent no less than 6 hours trying every possible way to get an answer and have gotten ZERO feedback.  This inspite of the fact that several ticket numbers have been opened by McAfee's support staff.  An interesting point here regarding McAfee's support staff is that when they visited my sites, they did not get the warning (go figure).  One rep even told me that there may be a bug in the latest version of their site rating logic.  This is very scary especially with the penetration of McAfee and the dependance on online businesses (especially small ones) on the good will of security companies like McAfee.

So here I am... Unable to run any type of traffic to these commercial sites because McAfee has a rating that appears to be 100% inaccurate.   And, I am unable to get any type of response from them

Not sure what to do now, but to say that this is frustrating is AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

Can anyone fron McAfee on this forum please help me get this fixed as soon as possible.  My time window for this holiday promotion is closing is quickly and this issue is definitely impacting my ability to get sales from these two sites.

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Re: Siteadvisor problems

Good morning, jcontreras1114,

     To obtain the best attention to your issues, it is generally preferable to create a NEW post in the SiteAdvisor sub-forum, rather than attaching your inquiry to another member's post which has already been resolved back in October.  I also see that you have made two identical posts like this one and were provided information by Moderators Ex-Brit (Peter) and Peacekeeper (Tony).  Please review the information they provided you again at the link below:

Best regards!

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Re: Siteadvisor problems

Pete C is right, it's better to start a new discussion. This has been branched to a new thread.

Both those sites have a note in TrustedSource saying "Spam URLs". Perhaps this is connected with your holiday promotion, I really couldn't say. You'll have to contact SiteAdvisor or TrustedSource for more information (as noted in your duplicate post).