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Problem posting comments on sites

I try to log in to post comments but it doesn't work. I use Firefox and cookies and javascript are both enabled. When I log in it says I am logged in but when I go back to the site to comment I am asked to log in once again. This repeats, I tried three times in a row now.
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FWIW, experiencing the same thing here

RE: Ditto

I don't use Firefox and find IE7 works great on this system and Opera 1O on my old PIII


I too have problems: Usually Firefox logs me in automatically, but now I'm asked to log in every time I start. I log in, and then... I'm told to log in again. No matter how many times I try...

I created a new profile, to see if that helped.
It did not, so now what...?

RE: Ditto

I'm not quite seeing yet how this is related to McAfee but perhaps in time I will. It would help to know what sites that you all are trying to comment on. I'm using Firefox (3.0.5) and haven't run into a site that I can't comment (usually this is CNET where I do that), post or reply to a post. There is a chance that the sites you are visiting may not be Firefox-friendly and if that is the case then you can use the IE Tab plug-in for Firefox.

Why the alarm..?

If this site has been dead for half a year,
why the alarm now.?
Who's hurt..?