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Permit pcAnywhere Connection

For remote support for our business software, I have a customer I'm trying to connect to remotely via Symantec pcAnywhere & am being blocked by McAfee security center. Nothing is popping up that the user can override, instead pcAnywhere opens, then a red circle w/ a line through it appears on it's Systray icon, then closes.

Over the phone, I've tried walking her through McAfee settings to find the location to permit pcAnywhere to run, but was unsuccessful. She doesn't know what version she has or how to find it (no menu > Help > About as might be expected), but she is running Win XP Pro SP3.

I have no familiarlity w/ McAfee at all... can anyone shed light on how I could walk this customer through the settings to make configuration edits to permit remote access through pcAnywhere program?

Thank you.

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Re: Permit pcAnywhere Connection

Hi Bruce,

Was the customer’s PC installed with McAfee consumer or the enterprise versions ???


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