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My SA keeps disappearing!

My SA keeps dissapearing too! I've got Firefox and IE on a Window 2000 machine. My Firefox extension has to be re-installed every day! I leave my PC on 24/7, and after 24 hours, if I restart FF, my SA is GONE! Vanished! What's really wierd, is my wife has a nearly identical PC with Windows 2000 as well, and her SA STAYS IN FIREFOX! I think it may be an extension problem. Here's a list of my extensions:

Adblock Filterset.G Updater
Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper
Cooliris Preview
Free Download Manager plugin
IE Tab
Minimize To Tray Enhancer
Minimize To Tray
MR Tech Local Install

All of these are the latest versions. The SA plugin for Internet Explorer still works, but I never use IE!

Please, I hope that someone here can help me!

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Never Mind

I found the problem, after around 3 months. Long story short, i was using a FireFox extension called "Minimize to Tray Enhancer". It was conflicting with SA. I uninstalled it, Presto! It works again. There ya go.