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My Google search result icons have vanished!

Hi, guys!

I've been SA with Firefox for over a year, and recently I cannot get the search results to display the red, yellow or green icons in Google search only. and yahoo still work fine. Only the Google results are (I think) blocked. Every other computer I use SA on has never had this problem. Do you know of anyone else with these problems? How can I fix this?

BTW, yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled with the latest version. My Internet Explorer SA works fine, but I just don't like IE.

Hope you can help!

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Never mind

I found the problem, after around 3 months. Lon story short, i was using a FireFox extension called "Minimize to Tray Enhancer". It was conflicting with SA. I uninstalled it, Presto! It works again. There ya go.


Thank you for the post... I was going nuts trying to figure it out.

I disabled MinimizeToTray and Minimize To Tray Enhancer (not needed with out the other) and all is fine now.

I then wrote a review informing of the bug. Hopefully, it can be fixed rather easily once the Author is aware.