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McAfee tech support recommends switching to Norton AV

We have six computers on our LAN.  Four have Norton and two new Dell desktops have Dell McAfee.  We've been having problems with McAfee Anti-Spam updates, so I contacted McAfee tech support via chat.  The McAfee support person thinks our best option is to uninstall McAfee and install Norton on all six computers.  Although we have one year remaining on the Dell McAfee subscriptions, if it's too much trouble getting McAfee to work, perhaps moving everything to Norton is the best option.  I'm just surprised a McAfee employee would make such a recommendation.  Does McAfee not play nice with Norton on a LAN?



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Re: McAfee tech support recommends switching to Norton AV

I have considered the same if things did`nt look up soon.....but that means eating an almost 3 year subsciption.But if what your saying is true (which i find hard to believe but possible) I may have to think a bit more.I am hopeing that Mcafee which was always recomended is`nt living on past reviews,and things will change for the better in the new year.

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