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McAfee is blocking me getting to Office 365 Emails - Urgent


I have an Asus Zenbook and connect to my Outlook emails via Office 365 log in. It has been working fine until I did the routine updates as my computer asked. Now  when I try to get to the 'Mail' section of Office 365 it comes up with a 'Woha...this is a bad web address' which is ridiculous

Also I think McAfee might be behind my very slow internet connection. As all other devices, iphone and MacBook are fine and fast when connect to my internet at home (Plusnet) via WIFI. Only the Asus laptop has issues of it dropping out and very slow loading pages.

Can anyone help as I work form home I can't keep having these disruptions and it's getting me down. I'm tempted to uninstall McAfee altogether and get another antivirus but I paid a fair bit of money for the shop to install it upon purchase thinking it was the safest thing to do.

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.



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