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McAfee causing internet crashes?

I'm on a PC, with Vista.  Been trying to figure out why my internet has been contantly crashing the last few months, and I'm beginning to suspect it's McAfee.  I didn't renew for a few weeks and noticed I didn't have the crashes.  Once I renewed, the crashes started up again.  Not sure why the crashes even started to begin with, since I never had any problems before.  Any ideas or solutions appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: McAfee causing internet crashes?

By renewed do you mean updated? (McAfee needs to check for updates every 4 hours so your internet has to remain connected for it to function correctly).  Also how is it crashing, it it 'this web page has to close' or similar?   Is this Vista SP2 and what version of browser(s) is/are installed and which one do you use?  Also how do you connect to the internet?

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Re: McAfee causing internet crashes?

I had the same Issue.As you can see here in this post.I have not yet reinstalled Mcafee,But my browser is no longer crashing.

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Re: McAfee causing internet crashes?

Kindly provide us with more details on the issue;

What version of Internet explorer – (Open IE – click on Help – Click on About Internet explorer)

Open McAfee security center, click on About and let  us know -;

McAfee Security center

Version :

Aff id :

McAfee Site Advisor :

Version :

Build :


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