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How to enable the McAfee SiteAdvisor program in the window Internet Explorer 8.0.

I use the McAfee SiteAdvisor. It is very good and very useful program.
After installing the program has appeared in Internet Explorer 8.0 itself. Program worked well. However Yesterday I removed the program icon from the browser. Today I try to have McAfee SiteAdvisor at the browser window again. But I can not find how to activate McAfee SiteAdvisor at the browser window. I tried to use McAfee.exe file. This command does not help too. I uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor program and install it again. It did not help either. In the Internet Explorer browser program McAfee SiteAdvisor does not appear. Please help.
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How to enable McAfeeSiteAdvisor to IE8 window?

I now understand how to include Site Advisor in the browser IE8 window again.
You should select "Add-ins" in the "Tools" menu. Then you should find
items "McAfee", highlight this items and select "Enable." Then you need
to restart your browser.