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How do I find my webmail server address

How do I find my webmail server address to set up email protection?

Thank you.

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Re: How do I find my webmail server address

What product is this on?

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Re: How do I find my webmail server address

Security Center - Anti-Spam - Webmail Filtering Rules :

Personally I don't bother with filtering anything from GMail, because their spam filters are very good. Hotmail (Outlook, I suppose we have to call it now) lets loads of spam through so I'm taking this opportunity of setting up the filters. And the first thing McAfee wants to know is the server address? If they mean the IP address, that's crazy. The big cloud networks have IP address ranges that might be used, but you can't really know which one of many servers it's coming from. However, maybe not ....

The McAfee Help has this to say.

If you use a browser to read your email messages, you must set up Anti-Spam to filter your webmail account messages. Anti-Spam connects directly to the email server and filters messages before your webmail account retrieves them.

Anti-Spam filters POP3 webmail accounts only (for example, Yahoo!).

To set up Anti-Spam to filter your webmail, add your webmail account to the webmail filtering rules. You can get your webmail account information from your email provider.

To find out if your webmail account is POP3, you'll have to go digging in the information pages (not too difficult for GMail, perhaps, but I can't speak for any of the others - including Microsoft). You may also, if you're very lucky, find something that tells you how to work out the server address. Let's just say I looked, and came away none the wiser (although this bit I leave open for later modification, if I find something).

GMail :

Other than that section above, the McAfee online help is supremely unhelpful. It gives no practical examples anywhere of what should be entered.

In the end I chose one of my GMail accounts (little-used, just as well) for an experiment.

The "Webmail Filtering Rules" accepted my input as follows (at least, it didn't complain or reject anything)

- Webmail address : <username>

- Server address :

- Port : 110     (seems to be default)

- User name : <username>   (first part of webmail address)

- Password :  this is the gmail account password

I have no idea if this is going to work. I could try sending a test message with something spammy to that account, but then the sender account is going to get marked as a Spam Sender

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Re: How do I find my webmail server address

Or you could call technical support and ask them. If first level unsure ask then to escalate the call.

This assumes you are using the consumer product.

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