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How can I put the verifying file in blogger?

As it's impossibile to place a html file in google blogger root I tried to follow what indicated in this blog: "", even if the post was quite old.

Well, the only answer I got is this one:"Posting Web Site Owner Comments Error Verifying Site" ( I tried several times).

Impossible to modify the post link, in blogger is possible to change the title link but not the whole link, this means that the date has to be present in the url and I can't get rid of it...

The web site I'm trying to verify is "" and there's no reason to be rated with the yellow tag.

Please let me know.

Maybe I posted my query in the wrong corner, please forgive me and let me know what I have to do to solve this problem

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How can I put the verifying file in blogger?

Hi movcons,

This site haven't been yellow rated by McAfee SiteAdvisor. However you can login to for getting more information.

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