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Help with browser


I have McAfee suite installed (AOL) somehow a virus has got into my computer,  everytime I try and search IE 8 or fireox takes me to an ASK search page then anything I choose or type in from that page just takes me too an ask jeeves page which takes me nowhere it just reloads the page.

If from my first IE8 page I directly type in the URL of where I want to go it redirects me to a youtube video.

I have deep scanned with McAfee and uninstalled and reinstalled IE8 plus reset my browser even tried with a new install of firefox but it does not help.

Does anyone please know how I can fix this or should I just reformat my computer drive.

Regards Nigel

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Re: Help with browser


Please follow this document here : which will help you to troubleshoot further with this variant of the malware.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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