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General question regarding difference between Home and Work networks

I am new to McAfee and have a general question regarding employment of "Home" and "Work" networks: What is the difference?

There seems to be very little documentation on this issue so I'll post here. We have 7 computers all on a single subnet LAN and all are running McAfee. The LAN is connected to the internet via a Netgear Firewall/Router and a cable modem. This LAN is in my home. Whenever we take a machine out of the building its only to access a "public" network such as the Library or Starbucks.

How do I decide is these are "home" or "work" computers? Does it make a difference for us?

From what I can deduce a "work" network is a LAN that you use at your office during the day (MF,9-5, for example) and that a "home" network is the one in your house that you might use if you had a laptop at "work" and brought it "home." Then the theory is that at "work" I have one set of security criteria and at "home" I have another. Assuming that the above definition is correct then In my case there is no difference between "home" and "work" -- hence my confusion.

I suspect that in my case it does not matter if I set them up as "home" or "work" but I need to be consistent in that they are all either home or work, but not mixed.

So, do I really understand this and am just being a wuss or are there more subtle considerations?

Comments about and/or verfication of my theory would be appreciated!


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Re: General question regarding difference between Home and Work networks

Hi TallBob,

There are no such options to decide the network settings as per timings. However, when you hookup with the new network for the first time McAfee Firewall would give you an alert to decide whether the network you have connected has to be considered as Home, Work or Public. When you select them appropriately it remembers the network ID (library, starbucks..etc..) and recognize them in future as well

Moreover, the network accessing method would vary/ depends upon type of network that’s selected (E.g.: Home, Work or Public)

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