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Firefox now has obtrusive toolbar

I use Firefox 3.0.5, with SA 2.8.255.

The SA button used to be on the status bar, bottom left. Today I restarted my browser, and there were a couple add-ons that updated. I don't always remember which add-ons update, but SA must have been one of them, because now the green SA button is at the top left, above the tabs, with a blank toolbar that extends across the entire width of the browser. I can't find anyway to change the location, and it is beyond annoying. Is there any way to move it without disabling/uninstalling? If not, can this please be updated to go back to the way it was?

Update: Well, no one responded but it seems to have updated again and is back to normal. Thank goodness. I was getting really tired of accidentally activating the pop-up balloon.