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Level 7

Firefox Preferences

I use Firefox as my web connection. I keep trying to change my preferences (always show the tab bar; always ask where to save files), but every time I open firefox my settings have reverted. I researched it online and several people have said that McAfee may be the problem. I could not find a way to fix the problem though. I saw one solution, but it was for a different version of McAfee than I am using (Total Protection)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Level 14

Re: Firefox Preferences

McAfee seems to work best with IE based on what I have seen. I don't know if they have any plans for making Firefox more compatible or not.

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Level 21

Re: Firefox Preferences

I use both browsers and have no problems.  You should have the latest version of Internet Explorer installed and updated and set to default settings, regardless of which browser is your default one.   Your internet connection relies on IE in actual fact as does McAfee.

If you still have problems after checking that then I suggest contacting Technical Support Chat via Useful Links above.

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