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Every time McAfee updates my internet hangs up

Every time McAfee updates and I have to reboot, my browsing on the internet freezes whenever I go to a new page.  It lasts so long that Chrome asks me if I want to kill the page!  It does eventually unfreeze, but should I go to another place, i.e. on Facebook from my Home Page to my Profile Page, it freezes all over again.

Somehow while futzing with things (dangerous I know!) last time this happened I managed to fix it.  But I don't know what I did.  All I know is that my CPU usage spikes to 50 or higher, and I may as well have dial-up for how long it takes for me to be able to navigate a page.

This only happens right after anytime McAfee updates, so it seems to be starting something that I did not have going before.

Please help me!

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Re: Every time McAfee updates my internet hangs up

I would suggest four things in order.

1. Run MVT the virtual technician. Uniinstall any versions you already have installed and install teh new version from

see if it detects anything.

2. Ensure you did not pickup any malware. Try the scanners in this link. Note malwarebytes and superantispyware have to be uninstalled before you do 3 below.

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

For getsusp add ypur email address to the preferences so Mcafee can contact you if necessary

3. If above no chop do a clean uninstall/reinstall via

reboot and run

reinstall mcafee from your account

4. If all fails call support and tell them the issue and what you did above.

Good luck

PS post your PC specs and current Mcafee versions please

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Re: Every time McAfee updates my internet hangs up

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