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Domain blacklisted by SiteAdvisor/Mcafee -


My domain seems to be blacklisted by SiteAdvisotr ( Mcafee). The domain is

It is an adult website, but for some reason it is labeled as malicious too which is completely wrong. When I registered the domain, I noticed a few months later that this domain actually had other websites on it for years before. Thing that I did not know. Maybe that was the time the domain was blacklisted.

I have checked all the code and files on my server and even hired an outside security expert to confirm everything is secure and nothing malicious is running on the site.

Sucuri sitecheck shows no malicious code and from the blacklist list it only references Mcafee as having it blacklisted. Also does not show any blacklist for my domain.

Please advise on how can I remove this wrong label.

Thank you

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Re: Domain blacklisted by SiteAdvisor/Mcafee -


We have submitted the link for review and raised the ticket [#1954470]. These requests will be reviewed and updated within an average of 3-5 business days. We will keep you updated