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Disappointed in how McAfee decides green/yellow/red status...

I'm really disappointed at this point in the way McAfee assigns its red/yellow/green status ratings to websites--I hope the McAfee team will at least consider changing their method for a red/yellow/green ranking...

Consider for example "", a website featuring world news, which earns a red rating. According to the siteadvisor report, it receives a red rating only because it links to ONE red website,, which distributes adware/spyware.

Now does not themselves offer any downloads with any adware/spyware, but just because they have some advertisement link somewhere on their site that goes to, they receive a red rating too??? I have visited other websites that are the same--they may even offer thousands of downloads that are all "green", yet just because of even one link on their website that leads to some "red" website, they too get a red rating! :rolleyes:

Now consider "" for example; they distribute a p2p program that will install the Dealio Toolbar (adware), and all they get is a yellow rating.

If the website itself does not offer any dangerous downloads or have any security breaches, etc, it seems more logical that the website should only get a yellow rating if it merely links to other dangerous (red) websites that do have dangerous software, etc.

Does anyone else agree, or am I the only one who feels this way?
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RE: Disappointed in how McAfee decides green/yellow/red status...

You might want to let the SiteAdvisor team know on their online form:
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