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Attack Viruses in AOL e-mails sent to contacts

I am an admitted newbie.  Does my (paid) subscription to McAfee cover their checking and notifying me of attack viruses in links sent to me in AOL e-mails?  A relative has recently notified me of having received e-mails (fake) from me that included "attack viruses".

I did not knowing click on any links that might have been attack viruses, but obviously, I must have.

Does McAfee not have a way of my finding out if I have attack viruses in my AOL e-mail?  Evidently, my relative's computer protection does, so I may have to change mine.

I've already changed my password on my e-mail account and on my Facebook account.  What else should I be doing?  What can I do?  Any and all help is appreciated.

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Re: Attack Viruses in AOL e-mails sent to contacts

I have no idea what components you have installed but if you have VirusScan and SiteAdvisor and perhaps also Anti-Spam, you are protected as far as the software can protect you.    Nothing in this worlkd is guaranteed unfortunately especially if a person insists on downloading stuff from dangerous sources or clicking on unknown links and doesn't keep their operating system and associated software totally up to date.  In other words act safely and keep your computer up to date, including any parts you may not use and you should be OK.  That said, most people carry a few extra tools just in case.   I've mentioned some in the last link in my signature below under 3rd Party Tools.  There are also other tools from McAfee and other parties that are useful in certain situations.

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