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Level 7

Anti-spam questions...

Why did it take 7 times to verify that I was human???  Just to start an account...

1)When setting filters, can you set more than phrase, or variable, for each filter?

2)If you can set more than one, what character, if any, do you use as a separator between the variables?

3)When a filter does work, rarely, when it's set to block, it seems only to sent it to the spam folder...

4)What is the best way to block a sender who uses the same name, but different domain? I.E.: postmaster-relay@...., or info18@...  Tried blocking sender with setting as "posmaster-relay", or "info18".  Still go to spam folder.

5)How to block the Viagra messages, where it appears in the subject and the body?  I set the seemingly appropriate "Block", "Subject", "Viagra", but they still come through, to the spam folder, and in multitudes.  But not as much as the Body link "click on this link", for the 100% guaranteed fortune, etc... coming from all sorts of senders(though Jayden - he uses a different last initial each time, and with a different domain) is a frequent flyer.... I get 7-8 of these a day...

Perhaps I should just dump McAfee and try something else?  I'd dump the em-mail address for a new one, but had this one so long hate to change.  Never know when that long, lost G/f from hs(40 years ago) might want to hook back up(true story)...

Help...  Drowning in Spam!!!(Oh, I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird as my e-mail client - perhaps that is the problem)???

Thanks in advance,


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