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webwasher subscribed sites- different versions

A new instance of webwasher has been brought online and subscribed to the master site.  Incompatible sites are allowed & there is an expected warning message as this new site is a different version.  We also have a site that has dropped off the subscibed list.  This is running an older version of the software.  Details below:

New site:                    6.9.3 build 13514      OS  5.2.6

Master site:                6.9.1 build 12571      OS 5.2.3         

Older site:                  6.8.7 build 9396        OS 5.2.0    

My question is how much difference in versions are there in the above?  WIll it make a great deal of difference if they are all subscibed? 

They are all due for an upgrade to 7.3 in the next few months so this would just be temporary.


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Re: webwasher subscribed sites- different versions

Don't worry about this.  Spoke to tech support and best practise is not to have them subscribed.  There were issues with clustering with 6.8.7 and apparently the CMS process is shared with the proxy process so if there are cms problems then it could stop the proxy.

As the sites all currently have the same policies set and we are not planning to change them until upgrading to 7.3, there doesn't seem much point/ benefit in subscribing the sites.

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