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verify if an url is retrieved from cache?


Our internet connection is max 40mbit, but want to let +/- 450 users access an webinar stream (video) at the same time at max 2mbit (=900mbit total).

I need to figure out if this stream can be retreived from cache. If i look at the rule trace, i cannot identify if it's being read from cache. Only the "Enable Web cache" rule which is being hit.

How can i verify if it's indeed retreived from cache?

Also, we do intercept SSL, but our web cache hits is around 7-10% which is very low...


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McAfee Employee

Re: verify if an url is retrieved from cache?


For dynamic content, MWG will not perform caching. If this is SSL then MWG will certainly not cache it (as this is content caching devices arent normally priivy to).

You can check the logs after adding the "cache.status" property to the log fields. See this best practice on adding log fields:

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