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upgrade to Web Gateway 6.9 from 6.8 problems

We have an issue which I aren't sure whether it is in relation to the software upgrade at the weekend from web gateway 6.8 to 6.9.

We use a cisco content switch load balancer in front of 3 web gateways. Our workstations are not Active Directory joined so a user is prompted to authenticate when a user tries to go out to the internet.

We use Novell single sign on to fill this box for a user and it uses the title in the authentication box to autofill a users credentials. Instead of the load balance address in the title box for a number of users they now see the account name of the webgateway box which it uses to join our active directory domain (This is different to the name we have in DNS and the hostname the box has). For other users on the estate they see the VIP address and so single sign on populates the username and password field.

Is it possible for the software upgrade from 6.8 to 6.9 to cause this type of behaviour? Does anyone have any advice on a fix to this problem?

How easy is it to wind back from 6.9 to 6.8 and can you explain to me how to do this? Is there a step by step guide?



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McAfee Employee

Re: upgrade to Web Gateway 6.9 from 6.8 problems

Hi Ian,

I would open a support case on this one. There were some NTLM issues with windows domain membership in the initial 6.9 releases, but they were corrected in the revC release (11282).

To downgrade, this is not supported as there are other packages that are installed along with the kernel. So a "downgrade" would mean reimaging the appliance.

If you open a support case I would be curious to see a tcpdump of the problem along with a feedback. Please do not post this information to the community.


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