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time quota on https site

Hi we are using MWG 7.3.2, an implemented time quota for some users.

It's working fine, but with https sites. If the browser stay opened on https site, the time session exceeded page is not displayed. Some photos are not showed but still able to browse (ex: can continue to comment on facebook.)

If the user close browser, then time session exceeded page is  displayed.

Rules used is from ruleset library.

How to correctly time limit http sites?



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Re: time quota on https site

Moved to MWG for better attention.

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Re: time quota on https site

I had a similar problem with the 7.2.9 version, but only with Facebook. When the session time ended, the session exceeded page was not displayed, and the user were not able do anything else in the page, the page got frozen. When they close the browser or refresh the page, the new session page was shown correctly.

I opened a case with Platinum and they said its a problem with the Facebook ajax script, and because of that, no action could be taken on MWG. We had to instruct our users to press F5 everytime the session ended and Facebook freezes.

We still not tried it yet with, so I dont know if its the same problem, but it seems very similar.

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Re: time quota on https site

If you are not doing Content Inspection with the SSL Scanner then the quota is activated by the initial CONNECT request and there is no way for the Web Gateway to interrupt the tunnel and inject the block page. The session will be exceeded but the tunnel will remain until it times out or is closed by the client or server.


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