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some inqueries about the MWG with McAfee WebReporter.


i have a MWG 7.0.2 and Web Reporter 5.1.1

i could send the logs to the reporter through FTP server,, but i don't know how can i send them directly to the web reporter without using ftp server..

the second thing,, can i see the real time reporting of the MWG on the web reporter?


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Re: some inqueries about the MWG with McAfee WebReporter.

Web Reporter has an internal FTP server for collecting logs, but uses connection port 9121, not the default 21.

1) Configure a log source in Web Reporter to accept incoming logs for the correct log file type.  Note the user name and password for this log source.

2) On the Web Gateway, give the Web Reporter IP address or host name as the FTP server using port 9121.  Use the username and password from the log source.

MWG does not send realtime log data so you cannot do realtime reporting with MWG.  I recommend you rotate logs ever 100~300 MB on the MWG, then push the logs on rotation.

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