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software upgrade in cluster proxy HA mode


our customer is going to do software upgrade MWG 7. They have 2 nodes cluster in proxy HA mode.

Is there any procedure how to do it correctly? The problem is that there are a lot of open sessions and if I do the upgrade, all sessions will be terminated.

In Webwasher 6.x there is a button "Suspend Current Node" and if I want to do upgrade I click on this button and wait until all session are ended.

Best regards

Petr Herman

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McAfee Employee MSchneider
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Re: software upgrade in cluster proxy HA mode

Hello Petr,

as usual - establish a maintenance window .

Established connections will drop during the update, this can't be circumvnted. But I think this was also the case in MWG 6.

As VRRP is used in Proxy HA the changes should apply rapidly, so in case you upgrade one and it goes down, the other one should be able to immediately pick up the traffic. However, you can as well set the offline by making appliances 'just' a Proxy and therefore remove them for HA.



Michael Schneider
Lead Product Manager for Web Protection
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