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sharepoint 2010 through reverse Proxy


Is there a guide or best practices to configure webgateway as reverse proxy for sharepoint 2010 ?

We have trouble with this.

the access to the external site works but some links are not rewrote. Maybe, I forgot something.

Other sites work through Reverse Proxy.

here, our configuration :

1.png 3.png


Thanks for your help,

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Re: sharepoint 2010 through reverse Proxy


can you show an example how a link looks that has not been rewritten?

And maybe a working example?



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Re: sharepoint 2010 through reverse Proxy

Hi Caitsim,

are there additions redirect rules under your test ruleset? If yes, it would be useful changing the to continue und adding a additional rule with the stop cycle action.

Additional, today i will add reverse proxy information from my last project to the community. There i also found some mwg bugs.

Just try, if there are different Rules (e.g. Redirection HTTP vers HTTPS) with the same rule name rename the rule. :-)
Try to use always different rule names in your reverse proxy environment.



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Re: sharepoint 2010 through reverse Proxy


Thanks for your help.

Thorsten, i will try your recommandations.

asabban, the links are not rewritten are sub-site.

We have tested sharepoint 2010 through Reverse Proxy Apache and it works.

This is the rule on Reverse Apache:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !443

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1[R,L]

Maybe someone has an exemple

Thank you,

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