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restrict one ID per session

Hi all,

Anyone try to configure the web gateway in this scenario:

User John login to notebookA to access the internet using his ID, authenticate by the Active directory. but when he want login to another notebook (notebookB) and try to access the internet, webgateway will block his ID cause the ID is still active in the notebookA. when he logout at notebookA, he can use his ID at notebookB.

anyone got any idea how to configure the web gateway in this scenario?


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Re: restrict one ID per session


this won´t work, because MWG does not notice if a user logs out from his machine. It could be possible to configure the domain to allow a user to only logon from one workstation at the same time, but this is not related to MWG. In MWG you have a chance to configure something like this:

- John logs in from notebookA

- MWG remembers the Johns IP address to be the client IP of notebookA

- John wants to access the internet on notebookB

- MWG compares the client IP of notebookB with the value remembered from the first session

- If the IP is not the same, access will be blocked

So John is restricted to notebookA. To switch the PC John will have to close his browser. If John is not seen from any IP for 5 minutes (configurable) MWG will forget about the IP address. If John now comes from notebookB MWG will allow him and remember the client IP of notebookB, which locks accesses from notebookA.

This should be rather simple:


A quick test went fine but of course there may be problems with the rules shown above, so some more tweaking and testing is definitely required.

I just wanted to give a hint.



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