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report Server access logs issue


Iam facing issue while fetching Report server access logs.


Iam getting error logs as


[25/Jun/2019:16:55:04 +0530] "" 200 "GET http://1190426/20190625165504/53184324LERF_Issue.jpg,Application.Name:GESSLeave,MediaType.FromHeader... HTTP/1.1" "" "Unverified" "" 0 0 "" "" "0" ""


Please help me resolve 

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Re: report Server access logs issue

logs with the destination are for an invalid DNS entry that was requested.  If you look at the request, you see the domain was 1190426, which (without validating) does not resolve.


To prevent this in your access logs, put a rule that does a Stop Rule Set if the URL.Destination.IP matches  I've attached what we have implemented in our Log Handler to prevent sending of those to our access logs.





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