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Dear all

Could anybody help me out from this issue

If i set wg with 2 proxy interface with the same subnet ip [for example : and]

I have met the problem that i can access to pvsyst throug the first interface but the second interface have a proble.

I have already try to test this with all WG that i have [vn,wg5000,wg5500] all of that met the same problem

I think it is a software bug could any one help me to confirm this thing[note that : the pproblem occur only thi url :]

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My thought would be a routing issue of some kind, but I am unable to verify anything.

When I tried to look at the domain, I found that there are no DNS records for it.  There is a whois record, but event that is very sparely populated.

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"" or ""? :  -  Few details :  -  OK

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Hayton is close


ping: cannot resolve Unknown host


PING ( 56 data bytes

A host lookup show the truth:

host mail is handled by 10

Conclusion: there is no host such as

Browser will try to add www. as prefix to an unresolvable host and that's why it is mostly working in the browser w/o MWG. WMG tries to resolve and will then deny the request, you should get a proxy error in this case. As the browser receives a response (from the proxy) it will ot try adding a www. as prefix.



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