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port 4711blocked

Hello guys

I cant figure this out and I am hoping someone can shed some light.

I've deployed Web gateway 7.7 and things look good. My problem is I can not access the Gui management from the java app short cut or browser.

I've allowed ports 4711 in

common Rules > restricted CONNECTED ports > restricted destination port to Allowed CONNECTED ports

I still get the page displaying :

Cannot Connect

The proxy could not connect to the destination in time.


Failure Description: :EnduserException:server state 1:state 8:Application response 502 cannotconnect



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Re: port 4711blocked

Hi Dom,

I would recommend to check with a tcpdump where the issue is. HTTP 502 responses are usually issue "upstream" so possibly the proxy your are using to access the UI of your MWG is having issues to access the UI, due to a firewall.

In this article you can find more infos on 502 cannot connect:

I would expect to see either Syn without response (packet drop on a firewall) then the error would appear after a time or if the error appears directly it is most probably RST (packet block on firewall).

However, a tcpdump should give you the necessary insight



Re: port 4711blocked

I suppose you are going to the GUI through the proxy. Just connect the GUI directly.

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