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# of threads for AV Scanning MWG

Does anyone know what is a safe/recommended number to use for SCAN AV threads?

I have 4 Virtual MWG appliances running and they scan an average of 1.5 Million files per month. Each MWG has 12 cores and 64GB memory.

We do not use the MWG as a web proxy, but instead use as a file scanner and we submit files to it via a custom ICAP client that allows us to place the files on a staging share and upload them to the MWG for a malware scan scan.

I had each appliance configured with 25 AV scan threads but have doubled that to 50 due to some large scans that cause the appliance to reject connections with an error 14001 (Internal antivirus filter error: cannot call Anti-Malware engine - all connections in use.).

This seems to have resolved my problem for now, but I wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions as to how many threads to configure for AV Scanning.


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