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Level 7

ntlm not working in MWG

I just installed a new instance of MWG 70150, ldap works fine for proxy and administration authentication, when i configure, i joined the domain without error, however when I configure NTLM with the same domain, it fails when doing a test,

Just curious if there is something i am missing

Joined to domain

created setting for Authentication

set to NTLM

proxy realm set to hostname

default ntlm domain set to same domain as joined (w2k3)

selected get global groups

selected get local groups

selected prefix group name with domain name

selected basic auth

selcted integrated auth

everything else default

any help would be great..thanx

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Level 15

Re: ntlm not working in MWG

Make sure there is a DNS A record for the gateway in the Active Directory's DNS server.

You don't need to put the default domain in if there is only one, only when you are joined to multiple domains.

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Level 7

Re: ntlm not working in MWG

thanx for the help, i had already set an a record, and it was resolving, i did not have a reverse dns zone set up in dns, i added one and also the time was not correct on the MWG, i think the time issue is what was causing it not to work, all good now....

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