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mwgw 7.x need to know


I have a prospect which have a wish to use web gateway's over multiple site -locations.

for expamle HQ and two branche -sites:

1. HQ has 2 wgw's in HA setup

2. branch (remote sites) site A, Site B has single wgw setup

Need to know if it is possible to setup the branch sites wgws in a child (A and B remote sites), with HQ as a parent setup, which means if this setup can work i a sort of cascade modus ?

important in this one is that the remote users must check the information that hey need over their web gateway and if not possible go check then over the HQ web gateway's so that for example the traffic can be reduced. the customer has now web-gateway like solution which all the remote user is browsing the Internet via the HQ wgw's.

Second: if parent child setup is possible, is it possible to attached the remote wgw's to the HQ wgw so that there only one Internet policy can be applied ?

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Re: mwgw 7.x need to know

If your clients are setup for explicit proxying already, you could use a proxy auto config (PAC) file that lists the local proxy as the first proxy and the parent as the second.   Slap this into a wpad.dat file that you host somewhere and point your web browsers to it or specify it in system proxy settings:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {


return proxy;

} // End of function

I imagine if you threw a hardware load balancer at the task you could do something similare, but then the load balancer would be a single point of failure.

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