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mwg7 progress page customization

In mgw7 has anybody done anything interesting in terms of customizing the download in progress page such as making it randomly cycle through thumbnail sized photos related to your company or somehow (if its possible) making it show current statistics about the mwg7 appliance (ex: system uptime, total # of urls served, total # of malware blocked, etc.)

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Re: mwg7 progress page customization


Happy Thanksgiving to you, even if we do not celebrate over here. We enjoy the time when everyone is on PTO. Quiet times ;-)

I have customized the progress page to display the progess, e.g. how long the download is still going to take and calculate the rate of transfer. It is not completely accurate but I found that some people get the feeling that "nothing happens" if there is no funny number that tells that the download is coming with a high speed ;-)

Apart from this every modification should be possible. Basically we throw an Ajax request to MWG and the response is written back with Java Script into a div. This happens every 3 seconds. It should also be possible to add a slideslow in a similar way, but you need to do this in JavaScript since we do not reload the complete page but dynamically rewrite components of the page. Statistics can be obtained from the properties. You could add everything you find according to your wishes and add it to the progress page (it won't refresh due to the above mentioned process of reloading the page).



Level 10

Re: mwg7 progress page customization

Can I ask how you customized the page to allow it to calculate the rate of transfer?  We're just now rolling out the web gateway this week and we've had a request for that information for exactly the reason you people feel it's actually doing something.

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