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mwg reverse proxy mode


please i want to know if the reverse proxy and forwarding can be configure in the security web gateway , or i have to purchase another appliance to activate the reverse proxy

Thank's in advance,

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Re: mwg reverse proxy mode

Moved to MWG for faster responses




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McAfee Employee

Re: mwg reverse proxy mode


that depends on your use case.

  • If you have a license for 100 users and you want to protect and internal server, you are fine.
  • If these 100 users are using an external webserver you are fine.
  • If external people are only uploading data into the organization for the 100 users to work with and the external users not downloading or are not accessing content in general (as in this forum) you are fine.
  • If you want to protect a public website (as this forum) you have to buy the reverse proxy SKU from us.



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Level 7

Re: mwg reverse proxy mode

Based on licensing, we can use the Web gateway appliance as Forward proxy or Reverse Proxy.

Here question is , can we use both proxies in Single Appliance? I think no as both are using different modes as well.

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