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multiple connection to squid proxy random bad gateway

hi to all i'm new in this forum.

i have this configuration

2000 client ->urlfiltering7.3 ->squid proxy cache -> internet

squid see only a Ip address from url filtering that made the request.

randomly some client not show the page and after refresh of browser the page

is visible.

in squind.conf i haven't any restriction about maxconn or limit connection

per ip.

but from url filtering log i see a lot connection time out from squid like this

Next hop proxy x.x.x.x has been marked as down for 1 seconds..

the previus configuration with the same squid server and same configuration


client -> squid-> internet ( squid see all ip request)

and i'haven't the problem.

there is some DDOS directive in squid that limit the number of connection

with single IP ?

or some directive that insert a delay like ddos protection for multiple

connection with single ip?

or some setting for allow many concurrent connection from same ip

i appreciate some help

best regards

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