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migration to mwgw 7.x HA


Right now we are using two web-washers 6.9.x.  and want to migrate these appliances to two wgw 7.x virtiual ones.

A few outside employies are using wgw1- 192.xx.xx.172 and others the wgw2- xx.173 port 9090 - all other employies are using the cluster address 192.xx.xx.171 port 9090 as their proxy address

What we want to accomplish is forse the Internet clients who has xx.172 and xx.173 to always connect to the cluster address xx.171 and from thier the HA setup will choose the most efficient appliance and exchange the Internet traffic from it.


outside user is using wgw1 192.xx.xx.172 as proxy address, the request arrives at wgw1 - 192.xx.xx.172 -  wgw1 refuse the connection and forwards it to cluster xx.171 address.
cluster choses the most efficient appliance and exchange Internet traffic from it, which it could be also wgw1 of course.

How can i create such policy in wgw 7.x setup?

cluster = xx.171

wgw1 = xx.172

wgw2 = xx.173

Thanks for the efforts   



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McAfee Employee

Re: migration to mwgw 7.x HA

I'll take a crack at attempting to understand what you want and state what is possible.

MWG 7 there will be one or multiple "director" nodes. These "director" nodes distribute the traffic to the "scanning" nodes for filtering. You setup the Virtual IP on the director nodes and it will then distribute any traffic it receives on that interface.

Speaking to you example, specifically the part about "wgw1 refuse the connection and forwards it to cluster .171", this is not possible. I'm sure there is something creative you could do, but I would have to ask the question... why dont you point the users pointed to 172 to 171?



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