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list converter error "while saving configiration into Webgateway 7.x"


I am using "listconverter" to import my backup from Webwasher 6.8.x to Webgateway  7.x, it is converting Version 6.8.x  white list and policies into wwbackup1010211813.policyReport.xlm and  when I trying to save configuration in WebGateway 7 ; iam getting  below error

Error saving data: Overall Status  "STATUS_ERROR_ROLLBACK":rollback performed
Node  "44454C4C-5900-1036-8048-C8C04F354D31" reports STATUS_ERROR_ROLLBACK:
configuration  rejected, performed local rollback  ---  CORE: CHost: Could not parse  list elem of list '

Please any one help me on this issue

Thank you


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Re: list converter error "while saving configiration into Webgateway 7.x"

Hard to say. There are probably some invalid entries in one of the lists.

Email me your orginal .backup file and I can look at what is wrong in it.

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Re: list converter error "while saving configiration into Webgateway 7.x"


I know that I'm late for help you but I hope it will help somebody else.

I had the same error. The problem was the ExtendedList. You should try this:

1) Try to import the configuration without the ExtendedList. Then save the configuration.

2) If it's work (no errors) try this:

- Check your old ExtendedList file for a mistake (p.ex: two * characters in the end of your line or two space)

You can also check directly on your V7 version when the error occur in: Policy/Lists/Customs Lists/Extended List Elements/Imported.ExtendedList. Then you have so found an incomplete line (without Protocol, URL or Categorie). Then you have to correct these line in you old ExendedList and import it again.

Good Luck

Basile Geiser

Accessible Sàrl

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